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Medicina herbal china en Stiges y Barcelona

Find herbs to balance you

Chinese herbal treatment


The Chinese pharmacopoeia is composed of various plants, roots, barks and other ingredients that constitute an ancestral heritage still used today both in the context of prevention and in curative treatment.

It is generally the first preferred approach in China, along with “diet therapy”.

Used for 3,000 years, the Chinese pharmacopoeia displays several thousand ingredients, of which more than 400 are used in a fairly common way. The knowledge acquired for the treatments prescribed by the Chinese pharmacopoeia comes from a thousand-year-old practice. It has long been transmitted orally but is still based on ancient works written during the different dynasties.

This is how Chinese medicine has amassed a rather large compendium of ingredients over the millennia.

Many plants commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine are familiar to us in France, such as radishes or mushrooms, however others are little or not known.

To all these plant ingredients could be added other medicinal substances such as fragments of minerals or animal matter...

What you need to know about Chinese herbs


Today, the West realizes the timelessness of this ancient medicine and has begun to incorporate Chinese herbs into the treatment of a wide range of health conditions. Studies show the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine on a number of health-related issues. Chinese herbal medicine uses herbs to improve health.

What are the benefits of Chinese pharmacopoeia?


The biggest difference between the use of western and traditional Chinese herbs is: As a practitioner using the components made available by herbalism, I do not treat symptoms or diseases, I focus on the cause .


Chinese herbal medicine can take the form of easily digestible granules or capsules.


A traditional formula. "We use traditional formulas made up of a few herbs that have strictly designated roles. Some of them are the main active ingredients that address the main complaint. Others can treat secondary complaints or symptoms," says Roofener.

How Chinese Herbal Medicines Work

"Something can always grow there because the environment is hospitable to it. Our bodies, too, have a distinct internal environment requiring a unique approach. It doesn't matter how many antibiotics you are given — if your internal environment welcomes the problem, you will always have it. So I try to balance the body to create an inhospitable environment for your health issues.

Herbs that accomplish this are individualized. For example, peppermint and cinnamon are both known to be antiviral. “ The peppermint is cold and the cinnamon is hot. So I would give you peppermint if you have menopause with hot flashes, cinnamon would be too spicy in that case. ».

On the other hand, cinnamon would suit an older gentleman who might wear a thick coat and boots in the summer.


What to expect when taking Chinese herbal medicine?

During your first appointment, I will ask questions about a detailed health history, including past and current illnesses.

I will check liver and kidney function regularly to ensure that you are metabolizing the herbs properly. It is essential that you never self-medicate with herbs. Each herb has a specificity and must be adapted to each diagnosed cause.

Chinese herbs are an important part of Chinese holistic therapy..

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