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Julien Moreau - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Calm personality who likes to help people, close to nature, in search of balance in life, in his life. In relation to others and to nature.
Passionate about climbing, for 20 years I had the chance to practice all over the world.
The practice of judo initiated me to know myself and to respect others. Admiring martial arts, it is naturally that I wanted to practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and in particular the Bo (Japanese stick)


Why Chinese Medicine?
She came to me.
I first heard about it in Australia while looking for a job as a massage therapist. Already trained in Thai massage in Thailand, I walked through the door of a Chinese medicine clinic. The chief practitioner received me and accepted that I work for him on condition that I am open to learning other techniques, other methods. For administrative reasons, I returned to France.
During a Natura fair, Chinese medicine came to me again, in the form of training in French. The language barrier was lifted, so I started the 6-year course.

Tools :
The training was structured in a progressive way. The apprenticeship begins with TuiNa massage, moxibustion, cupping, continues with acupuncture and then the last two years are devoted to Chinese pharmacopoeia. Throughout the 6 years, we have deepened the energy balance.
I like to practice all the basic tools of TCM: massage, moxa, cupping, acupuncture and especially pharmacopoeia.
I'm adding breathing workshops and massage workshops for people who want more tools to help them in their daily lives.

Why did I come to Sitges?
I traveled the world for 8 years. I love nature and I need to recharge my batteries there around my place of life. That's what I found in the Garraf region.
I need to be able to walk and the sea attracts me more and more. So I was seduced by the proposal that was made to me during confinement. With my family, we seized it, and we are still happy about it after 2 years.

In my opinion, we are human beings living on Earth. We all have our particularities, our culture of origin, but as long as we manage to understand each other, we can help each other, spend good times together in joy.
What I feel about the new lifestyle we are about to enter is the need to return to mutual help relationships. And this in different areas such as family, health, work, transport, food.
I like to think the following thing:
1920: many small autonomous structures, mainly agrarian.
The 1970s, 1980s, 1990s: industrialization brought the younger generations of this era to the big cities in search of work and entertainment.
The 2000s launched digital life.
The 2010s brought comfort to entrepreneurs, an ease to create and communicate.
The years 2020, 2021 have forced everyone to question their life, their organization and their emotions.
Some had begun to question themselves, the transition is obvious to them.
Others have become aware during confinement of changing their lives, it's disturbing because a lot of things are changing at the same time and thus makes it more difficult to take new bearings. You are surely here, reading these lines.
And others, I dare say the majority of the world's population, who risk being pushed around by life and difficult situations, which come out of nowhere.
I want to explain here the story that I like to tell to explain my Logo.
For those who know Yin and Yang, my logo is made up of the 2 parts of Yin and Yang but they are separated by a circle.

If you model yin and yang in 3D, you get a double helix spiral. Let's put it vertical and make it go up or down on a central axis in the center of the orange circle. Each floor is in my story: a new situation at the beginning then stagnant, blocking if you stay in it and which does not bring you.
A solution to get out of this harmful situation is to refocus inside yourself, refocus on your primary needs, In more colorful terms, go on the circle: it's a magic elevator that allows you to gain height or hindsight on this situation or on your life.
Once you have taken a step back, you can identify what needs to change. (this is the keystone of change.)*
Once the change has been made, the platform (my logo) resumes its ascent towards new situations, new adventures, life goes on.

*: here you may have asked the question: and how do I make this change, how do I know what I need to change, what is blocking me?
The question is very relevant! Here begins a treasure hunt!
The tools are known from ancestral medicines such as Chinese medicine, shamanism, Ayuveda and more recently Kinesiology, as well as hypnosis and even neuroscience.

In my opinion, health will evolve. My wish is that it evolves towards a complementarity of the different practices. More and more we see global patterns appearing explaining to us how the human being functions on different levels: physical, emotional, energetic and now cosmic or quantum.
They will now be teams working together to help you find the blockages, to help you find yourself.

Chinese medicine uses a lot of metaphor with nature to understand how the body works. You will hear me talk about plenitude, deficiency, heat, cold, internal and external. But also a candle, a cauldron, cooking rice...

I like to work together with Quiropractor or Osteo to have an aligned and flexible physical base.
I like the work of kinesiology and humanistic psychology to work on emotions.
Nutrition is important for maintaining daily health.
Physical exercise (walking, sport, QI Gong, Tai Chi...) maintains the body.