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Julien Moreau, practitioner of Chinese medicine

My Story

Julien Moreau - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Why Chinese Medicine ?


Traditional Chinese medicine came to me. I first heard about it in Australia while looking for a job as a massage therapist. Already trained in Thai massage in Thailand, I walked through the door of a Chinese medicine clinic. The chief practitioner received me and accepted that I work for him on the condition that I was open to learning other techniques, other methods. For administrative reasons, I returned to France. During a " Natura " fair, Chinese medicine again presented itself to me, in the form of training in French. The language barrier lifted, so I started the 6-year course.

Tools :

The training was structured in a progressive way. Learning begins with TuiNa massage, moxibustion, cupping, continues with acupuncture. To finish; the last two years are devoted to Chinese pharmacopoeia. Throughout the 6 years, we have deepened the energy balance.


I like to practice all the basic tools of TCM: massage, moxa, suction cups, acupuncture and especially pharmacopoeia.


I'm adding breathing workshops and massage workshops for people who want more tools to help them in their daily lives.

Why did I come to Sitges ?


I traveled the world for 8 years. I love nature and I need to recharge my batteries around my place of life. This is what I found in the Garraf region.


Having the need to be able to walk and the sea that attracts me. Seduced by the proposal made during confinement, with my family, we seized it and we are still happy with it after 2 years.


In my opinion, health will evolve, so my wish is that it evolves towards a complementarity of the different practices. We saw more and more global patterns appearing that explain to us how the human being functions on different levels: physical, emotional, energetic and now cosmic or quantum.


Eventually it will now be teams working together to help you find the blockages, to help you find yourself.

The benefits of Chinese medicine In this regard


Chinese medicine uses many metaphors with nature to understand the functioning of the body. You will hear me talk about fullness, deficiency, heat, cold, internal and external. But also a candle, a cauldron or cooking rice...


I like to work together with Quiropractor or Osteo to have an aligned and flexible physical base.


I appreciate the work of kinesiology and humanistic psychology to work on emotions.


Nutrition is important for maintaining daily health. Physical exercise (walking, sport, QI Gong and Tai Chi...) maintains the body.

Physical exercise (walking, sport, QI Gong and Tai Chi...) maintains the body.

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