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Julien Moreau Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Body & Mind Therapy

Experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner offering a range of holistic therapies to prevent and treat disease and promote optimal health

Available for individuals and companies


"It's all about trust",

meaning : 

"It's up to each person to find someone with a touch or a tool that helps moving forward."

Julien Moreau


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Chinese herbs


Tui Na Chinese Massage


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Foot Reflexology


Thai Massage

  • Interview with Questions, tongue and pulse observation + treatment.

    60 euros
  • To follow the effects of the first sessions if needed.

    55 euros

Julien Moreau Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Julien Moreau Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Before introducing myself, I would like to tell you why I am passionate about complementary medicines.

The human being is more than a machine, it is a living being which stands out from its congeners by several criteria :

The grip of the thumb, walking on two supports, its sexual reproduction by the birth of an incomplete being (in the sense that he needs his parents to continue to eat and live) but also and above all this consciousness, this free will, which allows him to reflect, to be aware of himself.

Human beings are incomplete at birth and this is what allows them to evolve and stand out. He thus has a strong capacity for both destruction and healing.

Thanks to this self-healing power, my goal is to help mankind, to help people in their daily ailments. Help people to get rid of the balances or constraints that they have introduced into their habits. Habits which are now harmful to them.

The means I have chosen to help you are :


Then we move forward together to allow you to find a balance and thus live your life fully.



Julien is a practitioner of various forms of ancient Chinese medicine, including massage, acupuncture, cupping, Moxa, and herbal treatments. Yesterday, he came to my house for a session, bringing all necessary equipment including a large, comfortable treatment table, which he cleaned before topping with a clean sheet and disposable cover. Our session began with an in-depth interview to gain information and insight. Julien listened actively and carefully and took copious notes; by the end I joked that he definitely knew more about me than my GP! Julien's manner was warm and professional, non-judgmental and thorough. Julien was respectful at all times, striking a balance between making suggestions and giving me full control over the session. He was also very generous in sharing his knowledge, and explained what he was doing and why. He also gave recommendations for future actions to continue to manage certain issues. Immediately after the treatment, I felt refreshed, as if washed from within. When I stood, I noted that I felt grounded and balanced. There were both physical and mental improvements. I write this a day after the treatment (I prefer to let things sink in and reflect, for a more truthful and complete reaction) and those improvements are still present. In addition, there is soreness on my upper back where concentrated muscle tension was released - this was completely at my request, the pressure was my choice, and it was targeted. I continue to feel more in balance, both mentally and physically and for a single session, this has been very successful. Of course, a longer course of treatment would be preferable for long-term results. Practically, Julien was able to carry out this in-depth session in English without any difficulty, and he also works in his native French. He is also preparing to work in Spanish in the near future. He can travel to any of the towns in our area. I highly recommend talking to Julien about how he might work with you to improve your physical and mental health through the ancient art of Chinese medicine.

J Corbett

My experience with Julien was excellent. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He made me feel totally at easy while explaining everything in detail. He is very good at taking care of any health concerns that you might have. The treatment was amazing to say the least, the massage and the acupuncture which I have never had was very good. I would highly recommend him and I myself am looking forward to the next session and so are my friends!!!


I have used Chinese medicine and acupuncture for many years so I was so happy to find Julien here. He is very knowledgable and kind. He offers acupuncture, massage, moksa and chinese herbs. Fantastic!


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