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Traditionnal Thai Massage in Sitges and Barcelona

The "Thai" massage is an holistic massage based on an energetic

Thai massage (Nuad Bo'Rarn)

Traditionnal Thai Massage is a moment of relaxation on the floor, where you receive pressure and stretching while dressed in loose clothing.

The "Thai" massage is an holistic massage based on an energetic representation of health. Inspired by the practices of meditation and yoga, it is characterized by three elements :

  1. Fluid and dynamic and fluid stretching exercises which are performed in pairs with the therapist.

  2. “Energy” work, for its part, consists in exerting manipulations, massages and pressures on areas or points running through the energy lines of the body called sen. These lines are similar to the meridians in acupuncture. Pressure is exerted using the palms and thumbs or tapping on the energy lines using the fingers. Other body parts such as: arms, forearms, elbows and feet can also be used during massage.

  3. A posture of meditation and recollection during the act would be necessary in order to allow the therapist to be intuitively in contact with his client.

The main benefits of Thai massage for the body and mind


The manipulations of Thai massage are effective in releasing muscle tension, unblocking the cervical. This massage helps to fight back pain and to gain flexibility.


The various manipulations are also effective in boosting blood circulation, which allows them, among other things, to fight against heavy legs... Among other benefits, Thai massage would also improve digestion, reduce the frequency of headaches and limit menstrual pain.


In addition, Thai massage helps fight stress and anxiety disorders. As an extension, it offers an improvement on the effects of stress: it can help combat certain sleep disorders, even insomnia.

Image by Ale Romo Photography
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