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Foot reflexology in Sitges and Barcelona

Foot massage

Plantar reflexology how it works


This is a stimulation of foot reflex points over the entire surface of feet. The points correspond to areas or organs of the body.


For foot reflexology I use massage and "acupressure" techniques on all of your feet.


I study the physical and pathological reflex activity preceding an illness. The method is based on the existence of reflex zones at the bottom of the feet, each zone of which represents an organ of the human body.


Here, I am basing myself on a 45 minute session.

Reflexology Therapy_edited.jpg
Points de pression réflexologie plantaire

What is plantar reflexology?

Plantar reflexology proposes to treat certain pathologies, or simply tensions, from foot massages. It is used to soothe stress, but also tensions in the body. It has been part of Chinese medicine since antiquity in connection with acupuncture and moxibustion. It has developed enormously in the West over the past 15 years.


It is a gentle practice, which acts in addition to other medicines using massages and pressure points in specific areas of the feet and the arch of the foot in particular. We are going to act on areas of the body. A specific touch makes it possible to locate the tensions or dysfunctions of the body and to revitalize them.


Why is foot reflexology used?


Foot reflexology is mainly used for the treatment of stress, however it can relieve many other symptoms. For example, it helps to fight against: certain allergies, digestive problems, sleep problems, blood pressure, eczema, etc.


It brings benefits both physically and mentally. Foot reflexology through its massages to harmonize vital functions, release stress and back tension. Blood circulation is improved and the lymphatic system is activated.

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