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Gua Sha to induce a therapeutic physiological reaction

A scraping technique with a Gua Sha stone

GuaSha is a rubbing technique

GuaSha is a technique which allows pathogens to "come out" from the skin according to the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, SHA. (SHA being a concept of "pervert", of aggressor being able to be the cold, the heat, the humidity).

The Gua Sha is a little closer to hammering techniques (Gua Pak) and pinching techniques (Gua Tsien). They therefore make it possible to free the surface of the skin.

Gua Sha scraping stone
Gua Sha scraping stone, jade roller

Clear the surface before settling internal diseases

Treating a so-called "internal" disease, when the "perverse" energy blocks the surface of the body may reinforce its virulence. For this, in Chinese medicine, we never treat a chronic disease before having freed the surface of the body, in other words: the skin and the mucous membranes.

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