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Corporate massage at the workplace

Bring well-being to your employees

The health benefits of massage

The healthier your employees are, the more profitable your company will be. Corporate wellness is not just the latest buzz. It has proven benefits… and it’s profitable.

No one can understate the health benefits of massage. 

  • Companies typically save $3 – $6 for every $1 they invest in wellness programs over a two – five year period.

  • Stocks of companies honored for corporate health achievement outperform the stock market.


Regular office massage is one of the most affordable wellness program ideas you can bring to your company – and one employees perceive as having a very high value. In fact, this is an excellent way to attract new talent and provide a healthier yet fun atmosphere all your employees can benefit from. Not only will this attract top talent, but it will help you retain them as well.  

Image by Deniz Altindas


It’s a fact. Chair or table massage at work is much more than a warm and fuzzy feel-good frill. Massage increases blood and lymph circulation and is an accepted treatment for disorders that drain corporate profitability, such as back and neck pain and repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. 6-8

On top of it all – massage releases the same kind of feel-good endorphins as an intense work-out – without the work. Here are some of the most notable health benefits of massage utilized in the workplace : 

  • Reduces stress and boosts immunity 

  • Enhances productivity  

  • Lessens fatigue and anxiety 

  • Promotes employee engagement 

Image by Lesly Juarez


Motivate employees to participate in your company’s other wellness initiatives by providing 15 – 20 minutes of chair massage once a week. Healthier, happier employees are likely to be more open to lifestyle changes involving exercise and nutrition.

Image by Steve Johnson


You’ll see the bottom line improve as fewer employees call in sick and workers’ compensation claims are reduced, health care costs decline and employee productivity and problem-solving are enhanced. 
Always check with your doctor before trying any new exercise or nutritional plan.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

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