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Before each holistic treatments, 20 or 25 minutes are necessary for a diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Once the diagnosis is obtained, the practitioner chooses the appropriate tools to balance the Qi *.

The tools at my disposal are:

Other tools not belonging to the TCM, have shown their complementarity:

* What is called "Qi" is the foundation of Chinese medicine. Pronounced "Tchi". This is invisible, but palpable and present in all our movements and during all our transformations.

Qi is divided into three energies:

  1. Vital (or ancestral)

  2. The air, captured by our breathing

  3. Food absorbed by our body

Qi is therefore a primordial material substance. It is the essence which, by the impulse of its energy, allows "things", animate or inanimate, as well as living organisms to develop, and therefore to exist in the forms in which they have materialized.

All organic bodies only live thanks to the accumulation and concentration of Qi.

As soon as the latter weakens, it loses its concentration, dissipates or even disappears, the animated organic body withers and ends up being extinguished.

In our body, energy circulates on the surface, but also in depth, through each meridian which rereads the matter, the organs and influences the physical and physiological parts of our being. A trauma that can lead to a blockage will cause a lack of harmony in its circulation which will lead to internal and external imbalances. 

My holistic treatment practice location and my prices:

Sitges surrounding and Barcelona