A fine tool

Inherited from a thousand-year-old tradition, chinese acupuncture is based on the concept of energy flow. According to Chinese doctors, the good circulation of Qi ensures health and balance.

Acupuncture points

They are in principle located on the classical meridians, however several acupoints are not. We can find points outside the fixed meridians and situational points. The fixed points are listed and have precise positions and indications while the situational ones represent painful points perceived by the patient or affected by the acupuncturist.

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Image by S Migaj

Some benefits of acupuncture:

  • To treat dermatology issues

  • Acupuncture therapy can help with sciatica.

  • Against stress: It is effective on many emotional problems linked to stress: worry, sleep, anxiety, temporary sadness ... by allowing to rebalance the emotions and the mind.

  • To reduce pain and migraines: It is particularly effective on movement problems such as: tendonitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, but also on migraines and sciatica.

  • To lose weight: It has no slimming action, however, it sets in motion the internal energy in accordance with the external energies, and revives the circulation in the meridians.

  • And of course to feel better and stronger even if there is no specific issues.